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You'll keep the scurvy at bay by serving up citrusy beverages at your Tiki or Pirate party in these beautiful custom CLEAR "Scurvy Knave" 15oz. Mai Tai (double old fashion) glasses.
Designed by artist BigToe, and incorporating real Gold Leaf!
Artwork features a tipsy skeleton pirate, a party pirate parrot, and a pirate ship on the rocks!
Proudly made in the USA!

PLEASE NOTE: if you order more than one glass, I will combine shipping and refund excess shipping charges. I apologize for Etsys in-ability to combine shipping. haha

Each glass comes with a complimentary cocktail recipe card, and each pair of glasses comes with a custom BigToe swizzle.

“Scurvy Knave”
CLEAR Glassware sold indvidually or in sets of 2 or 4. 

Real Gold Leaf on a Clear Glass with a bold gold band at the top rim.
(All glasses have the identical design)

Comes with a complimentary cocktail recipe card.

Double old fashion (Mai Tai) style Glass 
4.5” Tall x 3.5” Diameter and holds 
15 Ounces.
Made in the United States

Important Overseas Shipping Note: Customers are responsible for paying all duties and taxes for their respective countries and No refund will be issued in the event that the customer refuses shipment of the items ordered.

We take our time and pack very safely with plenty of packing materials and with the words "fragile" on the Box.

Usually ships out via USPS Priority Mail WITHIN 2 TO 4 DAYS AFTER PAYMENT.

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: if you order more than one glass, I will combine shipping and refund excess shipping charges. I apologize for my remedial ability to understand the shipping program. haha

Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

Thank you for visiting my page.

Copyright Information:
Copyright © BigToe Productions. All rights reserved by artist. Buyer is not purchasing the rights to the image. Any and all publishing and reproduction rights are reserved solely by the artist. This image is not to be re-distributed, copied, imitated, or misappropriated in any way. All legal rights retained by the artist following the sale of the work. If you are purchasing this artwork with the intention of re-selling this work you must be aware of the Visual Artists Rights Act. Please do not copy or pirate my work.

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