Boss Fink Original Acrylic Painting in Custom Frame

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"Boss Fink", acrylic painting on stretched canvas in a custom wood frame, 20 X 24". My Painting is an homage to Ed Roth, one of the original designers of kookie cars, the inventor of the Anti-Mickey Mouse, aka Ratfink, and The Godfather of lowbrow art. This finky portrait depicts Roth in his famous Shop truck (exaggerated a bit, of course!) This is an original acrylic painting created in 2022

The painting is presented in an artist-refinished vintage wood frame, ready to hang.

Title: "Boss Fink"
Size: The canvas is 20 X 24", about 28" X 32" in the frame.
Medium: acrylic on stretched canvas, framed in a hand-refinished wood frame.
Artist: BigToe (me)

-Ships via USPS priority mail from the artist, wrapped in bubble wrap, bagged and in a heavy cardboard box.

Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

Copyright Information:
Copyright © BigToe Productions. All rights reserved by artist. Buyer is not purchasing the rights to the image. Any and all publishing and reproduction rights are reserved solely by the artist. This image is not to be re-distributed, copied, imitated, or misappropriated in any way. All legal rights retained by the artist following the sale of the work. If you are purchasing this artwork with the intention of re-selling this work you must be aware of the Visual Artists Rights Act. Please do not copy or pirate my work.

Thank you!

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