Kreature Trophy Tiki Mug

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This offering is for ONE hand-signed, open edition tiki mug. 

BigToe designed "Kreature Trophy" Hand-signed, open edition Tiki Mug was created as an homage to the classic Ren Clark Polynesian Village Severed Head Mug, to the Creature of the Black Lagoon, and to Jivaroan Tsantsa or Shrunken Heads.
Sculpted by Tom "Thor" Thordarson and manufactured by the good folks at Tiki Bauer in Sunny California.
The mug holds 18 ounces.
Also includes, while supplies last, a BigToe arrowhead swizzle.

** Note that each mug is unique. This mug is new and has never been used. There will be no signs of any wear, although there are "distressed" scratches in the design, and imperfections and variations in the glazing process. Each mug is hand-painted and fired at low-heat in California, therefore there will be variations including small hairline flaws in the mug. ALSO NOTE: The “blood drips” are done by hand and vary considerably from mug to mug.

This mug was manufactured by Tiki Bauer in California, United States, and is individually signed.

Ships in a cool custom box, and we take our time and pack very safely with plenty of packing materials and with "fragile" stickers on the box.


-Glazed Stoneware ceramic mug.

-Measures 5" tall, 5" wide and 5" long.

-hand signed with enamel paint

-comes with a BigToe logo swizzle.

Thank you for visiting my page.

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