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BigToe's Original Painting "Molech". Owls are usually depicted as symbols of wisdom, but Illuminati conspiracy theorists see them as representing a more sinister quest for wealth and power. My "Moloch" owl is represented with the jaggedy teeth of avarice and gluttony.

The story of Moloch the Owl as paraphrased from

Throughout history, the owl was depicted as the symbol for wisdom because it had an ability to see in the dark. It was a metaphor because it would illuminate the darkness of the masses and educate the ignorant. It was able to transcend illusions and deception and see the ultimate truths of the world.

But Illuminati conspiracy theorists have long maintained that the owl is a symbol for the ancient malevolent and bloodthirsty diety Molech.
The people who believe in these occult practices think that the owl is a perfect representation of that ‘path.’ The owl symbolizes going into the dark in order to find wisdom; as in exploring dangerous realms in order to attain more wisdom.

We see the owl all over the place in the realm of conspiracy, including its most infamous use at Bohemian Grove during the Cremation of Care ceremony where ‘mock’ sacrifices of children are given up to the owl-god.

But all is not lost, Because our owl hero may yet be redeemed through its connection to magical realms: Native Americans and Africans both used it as symbolism for magic, prophecy, divination, and protection from evil spirits. Some believe that the owl carries messages back and forth between the nether world and ours.

The painting is framed in a hand-refinished, distressed vintage frame, ready to hang.

Title: "Molech"
Size: The canvas is 16 X 20", about 24" X 28" in the frame.
Medium: acrylic on canvas, framed in hand-refinished, distressed vintage frame.
Artist: BigToe (me)

- Acrylic paint on gesso-sealed stretched canvas, sealed with acrylic varnish.
-Ships via USPS priority mail from the artist, wrapped in bubble wrap, bagged and in a heavy cardboard box.

Thank you so much for your interest in my work, and for visiting my site!

Copyright Information:
Copyright © BigToe Productions. All rights reserved by artist. Buyer is not purchasing the rights to the image. Any and all publishing and reproduction rights are reserved solely by the artist. This image is not to be re-distributed, copied, imitated, or misappropriated in any way. All legal rights retained by the artist following the sale of the work. If you are purchasing this artwork with the intention of re-selling this work you must be aware of the Visual Artists Rights Act. Please do not copy or pirate my work.

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